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Brief Manual for Work in Parapsychology with essays by Carlos S. Alvarado, Susan J. Blackmore, Bob Brier, William G. Braud, Deborah Delanoy, George P. Hansen, John Palmer, Ephraim I. Schechter, Rex G. Stanford, and Douglas Stokes.

This anthology is a collection of articles on doing research in parapsychology taken from the pages of Parapsychology Review. Following an introduction to research in parapsychology, the pamphlet contains chapters on methodology in parapsychology, controlled experiments, writing a research report, magic and parapsychology, questionnaire research, statistical terminology in parapsychology, meta-analysis, education in parapsychology, and an annotated bibliography for the would-be researcher.

ISBN: 978-0912328-50-8

About the authors: Dr. John Palmer, who wrote the introduction for this anthology, is the Director of the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina, George P. Hansen, who surveys the importance of understanding magic for parapsychologists, is an independent scholar of parapsychology and other anomalous phenomena and Douglas M. Stokes, who reviews basic statistical procedures used in experimental parapsychology, is an independent scholar of parapsychology. At the time of publication Dr. Susan J. Blackmore, who presents advice on survey research in her chapter, was a faculty member in Psychology at the University of the West of England and is a well-known skeptic; Dr. Robert Brier, whose chapter compares parapsychological methodology to that of other sciences, and who trained at the Rhine Center in its early days, was a faculty member of C. W. Post College, most known for his work in Egyptology; Dr. William G. Braud, who discusses control in experiments, was a faculty member at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University); Dr. Deborah L. Delanoy, whose chapter outlines what experiments should put in their research reports, was the Perrot-Warrick Research Scholar at University College Northamptom; Dr. Ephraim Schechter, who tackles the thorny question of meta-analysis and its relationship to parapsychology, was on the faculty of North Carolina State University; and Dr. Rex G. Stanford, who discusses education in parapsychology, was a Professor of Psychology at St. John’s University in Jamaica, New York and Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado who compiled the extensive bibliography that completes the volume was the Chairperson of Domestic and International Programs at the Parapsychology Foundation in New York.


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