Awareness by Eileen J. Garrett

Awareness by Eileen J. Garrett


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Awareness by Eileen J. Garrett with a introduction by Lisette Coly and a foreword by Rhea A. White.

Publication Date: 2007

Description: First published in 1943, Eileen J Garrett’s book Awareness is a compilation of her thoughts on human consciousness, faith, and first-hand knowledge of the workings of her own psychic abilities. A plea for increased knowledge of our inner potentialities remains as valid now as then, with a reminder that, as in the ancient legend, the golden key to our destiny is hidden within ourselves

ISBN: 978-1931757-26-6

About the author: Eileen Garrett is one of the most respected mediums of the 20th century. She was was born in 1893, in Ireland. From the beginning, her life was riddled with tragedy. Her parents both committed suicide shortly after her birth; she was then adopted by an aunt and uncle. She began to have psychic experiences as a child but did not fully explore this implications until she moved to the United States later in her life. Garrett’s greatest achievement was founding the Parapsychology Foundation in 1951. Garrett died in 1970. At the time of publication, Lisette Coly was the Executive Director of the Parapsychology Foundation and Rhea A. White was the Director of Exceptional Experiences Network.


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